DVD Anthology of Short Experimental Films 1985-2009 released, high quality
image transfer, remastered sound.

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A feature lenght documentary about the artist and the man.
85 minutes 2K DCP, 2015



44th International Film Fest Rotterdam

21 January - 1 February 2015

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This film is made with the generous participation and contribution of the following institutions and individuals:


Anthology Film Archives

Jonas Mekas, Andrew Lampert,
Robert Haller


Film-Makers' Coop New York

MM Serra


Whitney Museum of American Art

Chrissie Iles, Anita Duquette,
Patrick Walsh, Eliza Proctor, Matt Moon, Barbi Spieler


Millennium Film Workshop NY

Howard Guttenplan


Burchfield Penney Art Center

Don Metz, Tullis Johnson,

Scott Propeack,



Carolyn Tennant, Edmund Cardoni


University at Buffalo

Mike Basinski, Sandra Q. Firmin


Greene Naftali

Jay Sanders

Standby Program

Alexis Pace, Maria Venuto


Michael Snow

David Duprey

Christopher Sharits

Cheri Sharits

Chandler Romeo

Gerald O'Grady

Annette Michelson

Woody and Steina Vasulka

Tony Conrad

Bill Brand

Leslie Raymond

Jason Jay Stevens

Henry Jesionka

August Gresens

Bruce Elder

Stuart Liebman

Stephen Gallagher

Ken Rowe

Alexis Pace

Robert David

Gene Youngblood

University of Colorado at Boulder

Heidi Carrell

Laurie Kwasnik

Pip Chodorov

Sylvie Roy


and many many others


This film is funded by:




We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts
which last year invested $11.8 million in media arts throughout Canada.

Nous remercions de son soutien le Conseil des Arts du Canada,
qui a investi 11,8 millions de dollars l'an dernier dans les arts médiatiques à travers le Canada.


This film project is also funded by:

Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec


La Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC)


Le crédit d'impot cinéma et télévision gestion SODEC


The National Film Board of Canada


Filmgrafix Productions





Image of sproket damage from "Damaged FilmLoop" "Forgeting of Intentions and Impressions"

PAUL SHARITS January 1973

COPYRIGHT Paul Sharits, Paul Sharits' estate.

Courtesy of “The David Duprey Collection”.